Beeps, Boops, Bangers

Here's some tracks and albums I've been into lately.

Pulse: Through the Maelstrom

The singles for this Remix Album of FFXIV tracks got dropped and I'm dying for the rest of them. A perfect combination of my two favorite things: Final Fantasy and sick-ass beats.

Butter-Fly ~Miku Hatsune Version~

I had no idea this existed, but it's so good? It's one of my favorite openings and y'all know how I feel about Miku. Very cute and worth a listen if you're a Digimon fan.

Steal Your Heart – EP

Steal Your Heart, by GameGrooves
5 track album

A great collection of Persona 5 remixes that really lean in on the rock in some cool ways that actually remind me of Persona 4. Short and sweet.

Cry of the Planet

Another GameGrooves collection, all proceeds for this one go to the Minnesota Freedom Fund. Some great mixes – it's nice to hear more Shadow of the Colossus stuff, we don't get much of that. And it's for a good cause!

Square Enix Chill Out Arrangement Tracks – Around 80's Mix

SQEX said "here's some music to relax and study to," and I'm unironically appreciative of it. Great for both relaxing and studying but unlike lo-fi the arrangements are actually interesting and not just some static and a "buh-dum-dum" beat slapped on top.

No Straight Roads

I haven't actually played this game but I've listened to the OST about 30 times already. A fantastic mixture of pulsating EDM and sick Rock riffs. Highly recommended.


Cocobolo, by HM Surf
8 track album

More chill tracks, this time brought courtesy of HM Surf. Can I just say I love this album's art? The orange color is almost like...edible, haha. It's very pleasing to the eye.

Panzer Paladin

Panzer Paladin (Original Game Soundtrack), by Patrice Bourgeault
33 track album

I know it says it's pay-what-you-want so you can get it free, but please do the right thing and give Patrice Bourgeault money. This OST is flames from beginning to the end and that would be highway robbery.

That's all for now! What are you listening to? Let me know in the comments! And if you like my writing, please consider donating to my Patreon or Ko-Fi. Thank you!