I went to Japan for two weeks and it was extremely, unbelivably awesome. I've needed a vacation forever. I already miss the public infrastucture. And I'll talk about all that and more in another blog post.

But not today! Today, a day after my return, I'm gonna indulge in capitalism and talk about all the silly shit I bought from all the places I went. Enjoy.


There was a Nanoblock store in the Skytree Tower that I happened to stumble upon. I made an embarrassing noise upon noticing it, apologized to my mom for what was about to happen in advance, and then spent an unholy amount of money on builds.

I got the Inari Shrine and Tokyo Tower first. The former we went to in Kyoto, and the later was right outside my sister's apartment (you'll see it soon). These and the hamtaro kits I haven't seen anywhere in the states, even the Book Off and Kinokuniya in New York. The Spy X Family and Jujutsu Kaisen builds won't arrive in the states for a few months still. The FFXIV build wasn't at the pop-up, but I did get it at the FFXIV Cafe.


They give these out a lot when you go to eat at themed cafes or buy stuff at pop-ups. Most of them are going to friends.


The B-Side label stickers are really high-quality so I grabbed a whole bunch. I used to waver back and forth on where to put stickers, but now I have a PC tower to stick them all on. Fun fact, I bought too many of two stickers here because I have no self-control. Guess which ones!

Phone Rings

They're cute and ergonomic! We take those. Holy fuckin bingle.


Mostly for my mom's benefit.


Grab bag stuff that doesn't fit other categories. Got the Inari Shrine gate charm at the top of the mountain because I felt like I earned that shit after the hike lol. My mom got me the castle pens, whilst I got the Link's Awakening and Bingle pens. I was extremely lucky to find the TWEWY pin gacha was still at the SQEX cafe so I pulled twice on that. The molecar actually drives around!

Bonus: the wallet is kinda small, BUT it very crucially has a spot to put keychains.


I don't get many of these because I don't have much space for them. But I always have room for my favorite pokemon and lily. Holy shit y'all when I saw the Lily plush at the Nintendo Store in Shibuya. I almost knocked down children to get her that's my girl!!!

Bonus: Leafeon Corner


I'm the year of the dog (I literally got that dog in me). I love the one on the right: basically you take a stopper at the Shibuya Nintendo Store and you get to fill it with erasers of various Nintendo items it's super cute. Also I am not immune to Kingdom Hearts merch, sorry


All of these were random except for Denji. Pretty happy with all of them tbh! Bonus Yoshi.


The big one lol. I fucking love keychains and charms. Much you can pore over but some highlights for me:

  • The Splatoon shoes absolutely slap
  • Big fan of the kirby one, it's liquid on the inside!
  • The Kaiju 8 one I had to get so I can brag about being a fan before it blows up when the anime finally drops (it's good!)
  • The Famicom Disc was random! It's Metroid, which is cool because I only knew that one and the Zelda one that was available to pull.

That's pretty much everything! Not pictured are the kendo sword my mom got me because "you love swords" (which is an adorable unintentional own) and stuff I'm sending to friends!

K bye I'll write about the trip as a whole soon!