I’m going to be honest with you: despite loving music more than life itself, I am terrible at writing about it. That's partly why I waited so long to write this piece, but I can't avoid it forever. Plus, I have to show off this incredible Music of the Year art that @pocketghosts made!

First, some stats, as given to me by Last.FM:

  • 30,739 songs listened to
  • 84 songs listened to on average
  • 88 days, 23 hours of listening time
  • 265 days of music listened to in a row

Top 10 Albums

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Original Soundtrack (1215 scrobbles)

This soundtrack lived rent free in my head for 1/4th of the year. I didn’t think it was possible to improve on perfection, but Hamauzu managed it. Every track in the FF7R OST slaps so goddamn hard it's impossible to describe. Its existence is a miracle, and even if you don't care about Final Fantasy, or this Remake in particular, I am begging you to listen to it anyways.

Favorite Track: Due Recompense

CrossCode (1,112 scrobbles)

CrossCode was a wonderful game to play, and its music was just as much of a delight. It’s filled with cute little tracks, coupled together with epic battle themes that made me nostalgic for SNES JRPGs from years gone by. That’s kind of CrossCode in a nutshell though, so it’s a match made in heaven.

Favorite Track: Title

Ikenfell (1,120 scrobbles)

Ikenfell’s OST is proof that you don’t need a bombastic soundtrack in every role-playing game. Composed by aivi & surasshu, whom I've loved since their Black Box days, and it's the perfect Fall/Winter music. Every track is delightful, and its motifs wind together to ensure that you're a sobbing mess by the end of it. Also, it uses vocal tracks sparingly, so when they do show up, they hit very hard.

Favorite Track: It’s Showtime!

Pulse: Final Fantasy XIV Album (571 scrobbles)

The Pulse remix album is one of those things tailored specifically for me. EDM remixes of Final Fantasy XIV songs? Sign me the hell up right this second. Pretty much every track on the album is a banger, and I constantly play it while playing the game to spice up my roulettes and raids.


Inside Your Head (465 scrobbles)

Survive Said the Prophet hits those Hot Topic Emo Vibes just right. The perfect tracks to scream in your car on the way to a job that you hate (January and February were rough months for me, is all I’m saying). Turn it on, crank it up, and shout about how unfair life is at the top of your lungs.

Favorite Track: MUKANJYO (Flashing Lights Warning)

Streets of Rage 4 (354 scrobbles)

I haven’t actually played Streets of Rage 4 yet, but I’ve definitely listened to the soundtrack more than a few times, as you can see. Its music captures the energy of the original games faithfully, and the inclusion of artists like Yoko Shimomura and the man himself, Yuzo Koshiro, leads to a dynamic, interesting set of songs to relax and beat up clowns to.

Favorite Track: Call the Cops

Tetris Effect (321 scrobbles)

This would probably have way more scrobbles if it weren’t for the fact that I had listened to the game’s soundtrack 100s of times before its official release in 2020. Tetris Effect’s music is custom-made to have you vibe out, and all of its tracks achieve this effort perfectly. Perfect for lying on the floor and going full “no thoughts, head empty.”

Favorite Track: Connected (Yours Forever)

RWBY: Vol 7 (252 scrobbles)

I don’t need a two hour essay to tell me that RWBY is bad. I know it’s bad, thanks. I like it anyways. What definitely isn't bad is the show's music. Much like Inside Your Head, every track smells like a shirt fresh off a Hot Topic rack, and it could probably be swapped with any song from Sonic Adventure 2, but I love it all the same. The songs are all so catchy and fun to sing along to, and I look forward to every's new butt rock to plop itself into my Apple Music library.

Favorite Track: Brand New Day

10 (243 scobbles)

Tricot 👏 never 👏 misses 👏 and 10 is no exception. Every track is Math Rock perfection. It also makes me sad though because they were one of the last bands we got to see in concert before the pandemic hit (the others being Jaden and Anamanaguchi). I wanna go to concerts again…my feet always hurt by the end of them and I feel a tinge of regret as I get home at 2AM but I'm never taking any of that for granted ever again.

Favorite Track: WARP

Yakuza 7: Original Soundtrack (242 scrobbles)

Yakuza 7 is probably the game I loved the most last year, and its music is fantastic to match. There's a lot of different styles to enjoy here, but nothing beats the pulse-pounding, rock and EDM-infused tracks that you'll find in the battle themes. One thing I enjoyed in particular though, is the change of pace of the last boss' theme, which is a lot less bombastic and filled with some breath-taking violin-work that pairs well with this game's JRPG-styling. So yeah, go play Yakuza 7 and also listen to the Yakuza 7 soundtrack, thanks!

Favorite Track: Cold-Blooded

Top 10 Songs

  1. B Who I Want 2 Be (Feat. Hatsune Miku) by Namie Amuro (243 Scrobbles)
  2. Pulse: Through the Maelstrom by Masayoshi Soken and Takafumi Imamura (153 Scrobbles)
  3. Say So (Japanese Version) by Rainych (123 scrobbles)
  4. Death Drive Console Beat by #SUPERCOMBO (111 scrobbles)
  5. Caramelldansen by Caramell (111 scrobbles)
  6. MUKANJYO by Survive Said The Prophet (94 scrobbles)
  7. vs. SAYU [Japanese] by James Landino & Ai Yamamoto (87 scrobbles)
  8. RISING by Ambience (84 scrobbles)
  9. On your mark, get set, go Feat. TokyoTrill, Devin, Meebee, surapurutame by DubbyMaple (84 scrobbles)
  10. Love, Happiness and Sunshine by JJ The Black Arrow (78 Scrobbles)

I did it! I managed to write about music for once. What were you bopping to during the hell year that was 2020? Let me know @mintplaysthings! And if you enjoy my work, please consider supporting me on Buy Me a Coffee! Thank you!