I’ve really been doubling down on my Vocaloid OC, Mint, and I wanted to solidify some info about her character now that I have a better idea of what she’s like.

So, more background: Mint primarily sings future wave and future funk music. But Mint only sings part-time, or when she’s on tour with Queen. The other half of her time goes to videogames.

With the negativity, bigotry, and other general garbage surrounding the gaming industry, Mint felt like her talents and upbeat personality would best be served trying to change the culture around videogames. As such, she does Lets Plays online, where she’s extremely popular with the 17-24 age range for women – or at least, that’s what her analytics say.

She generally likes to play JRPG and Action games, but is known for the occasional FPS as well – even though they aren’t usually her speed. A secret: Mint absolutely LOVES Picross, but it’s not entertaining enough for a stream, so she plays it on her downtime.

Mint runs a tight ship on her channel, with a thoroughly enforced set of rules. Her roommates, Bubblegum and Aprajita, will sometimes mod her channel during Twitch streams, and even play games with her when they aren’t busy. She hopes that her prescense in the industry will inspire other girls to get into gaming, both from a development and content-creation perspective, and to improve the environment for any marganlized person that wants to be part of the industry without being harassed or discouraged.

In light of that aspiration, it is important to know that Mint will take shit from no one. Her infamous fight with a harasser at a Denny’s Parking Lot is proof of this. Nor does she care how that may affect her “image” – she keeps her dented skateboard from that day on her wall, both as a memento to the man she sent to the hospital, and a warning to anyone else looking to mess with her. She is adamant that a person should stay true to their beliefs and mean what they say. She doesn’t appreciate flowery words or too much talk, although this can sometimes get her into trouble with her sponsors.

People often ask: what the heck is up with Mint’s robo-ears? They aren’t ears at all, in fact. Rather, they’re a headset that Mint tends to keep on at all times. Developed for her by Queen, Mint’s headset is extremely high-tech. It exists as a pair of noise-canceling headphones, can be used to take phone calls, automatically syncs up with most of her consoles and auditory equipment for her playthroughs, and lets her integrate with the games she plays. It is her most prized possession.

When Mint is on break, she can be found in the local skate-park, where she’s general grinding her way to relaxation. She picked up the sport a few years previous and enjoyed the freedom and spontaneity it allowed her. Fans looking to score a selfie with the girl would find their best chances there, assuming she’s in good enough of a mood.