3 years ago I made Mint, and it was, as I’ve explained about 4 different ways now, super great for me. She’s been long overdue for a makeover, though. The main reason for this is that as much as I love how she looks now, I want her design to really hammer in on things that are important to me and that I love: the former being my identity as a Black person, and the latter being my passion for writing, technology, and music.

So that’s what I did! Incredible artist @ceejinary worked with me to create a brand new Mint and she looks incredible! Now with 95% more fluff and 30% more drip. She's got a slick new streetwear style, has gotten a little older, and is sporing a brand new board, but she's still the same gremlin she's always been. Also new to her design are the chains on her wrist, which match those of her girlfriend Queen!


What about all the old Mint art?

It’s not going anywhere! All Mints are valid, this is simply a new chapter in Mintdom.

Does this mean you're about to comm 8000 more pieces of Mint art?

Stop reading me like this! Also: yes, obviously.

How fluffy is that hair?

As fluffy as clouds on a crisp spring day.

Thanks for indulging me in my usual weirdness! I’m very excited about this new era of Mint and have some other cool ideas planned for her! To conclude, here’s the over-the-top extra video I made for her reveal on Twitter: