Here's a trash post where I tell you how I feel about all the Fire Emblem Three Houses characters despite not remembering any of them because I didn't like Fire Emblem Three Houses ready set go


Boring but girl, stockings will rip on the battlefield

Twitter hates her. Horse girl. Heard she committed a war crime.

"Is he bothering you Queen"

"I am bothering the Queen"

Played guitar to impress girls in college. DMs you his favorite Wes Anderson films

Shonen Protagonist

Self-Esteem issues, super popular on tumblr

The hot girl that was nice to you in high-school despite hanging out in polar opposite social circles

Hot girl that's intimidating at first glance but actually very nice

Listens to Linken Park

Rejected Jojo character design

My FATHEr will be hearing about this

Extremely powerful when he cries

Himbo, despite looking like a jock he's extremely good at yugioh

I dunno, a nun?


Also a horse girl. Mean

Fetishized by white women

Is she bothering you, King

He seems sweet. Probably knows how to cook.

Permanant resident in his bully's locker.

Fujoshi, runs the anime club

Vice president of the anime club, A+ student, needs more sleep

All I know is that there's too much porn of this girl

Jock, bad at math

I don't like him but I don't know why

Baby, would break your phone if you gave it to her

Pip pip cheerio

Someone on the team had a teacher fetish, probably thinks she's too old despite looking in her 20s

Rando tank that you'd kill in any other Fire Emblem game

Probably has an extremely dedicated fan-base despite having that facial hair.

You wanna date her but she demands you go to a church service

My wife,


Wait is this actually a main character? Seriously?

He goes to hot topic and probably smells

No one's dumb like Gaston, does good crits like Gaston

Horse girl, racist

Dunno but she has big gay energy

There ya go, sorry if I insulted your favorite Fire Emblem Three Houses character but it's your own fault for playing Fire Emblem Three Houses in the first place, byyyyye–