Oh wow, would you look at that! This isn't lenisaura! How weird. This is, in fact, a Ghost blog! I set it up myself!

Why Move?

Three reasons: first, I was getting pretty sick of Wordpress, honestly? It's soooo slow and clunky and requires so much upkeep. Feels like I was updating plugins to get things to work more than I was actually...you know, writing. And Ghost is so much smoother and simpler to work in, I'm actually enjoying the process of writing in its client. It's real good!

Second: to challenge myself! I learned a whole lot getting this thing running through a droplet – did you know that the command line puts MySQL info on a grid when you ask for it? I didn't, until a few hours ago! The fact that I pulled any of this off is a personal accomplishment that I will be basking in for a while, thank you very much.

Lastly, I very much like the idea/aesthetic of Mint having a Café, and that's reflected itself in a couple of ways, including my Discord, and I'm making that become the image of sorts for my blog!

What's Changed?

Well I moved pretty much all content from my other blog over, excluding fanfiction, which you can still easily find on AO3. Other than that, the blog looks about ten times nicer, in my opinion! There are some issues with images not wrapping properly, but that'll smooth out as we go along, now that I know the proper image dimensions. I'm also going to figure out how to go full dark-mode in the coming days. I'll also probably be adding Disqus as a method of commenting as well.

That's basically it! Have a look around and feel free to ping me if you see anything that looks broken, either on twitter @mintymentha, mastodon @eightbitsamurai, or email me at [email protected]! Also be on the lookout for posts soon, including a culmination of my thoughts on the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, as well as some musings on trying to live a post irony-poisoned life.

Thanks! And thanks to Mal, StaticCafe, and Templewulf for helping me get this thing up and running!