A very exciting post today, by the first ever contributor for Mint's Café! Today Ghost is providing a guide on FFXIV's Bozjan Southern Front. Enjoy!

Hello i'm ghost!! Yehn'ir Mhollu on Zalera, and I really like the Bozjan Southern Front.

Running around with a bunch of other random lvl 80 and destroying what are basically 48-man raid level boss fights is the most fun in FFXIV I've had in a while and I wanna see more players have fun too!!

So I wanted to write a casual guide for folk just getting in there of what we can do to help make it not so hard because so many 'guides' at the top of internet searches just list questlines from the patch notes and like, c'mon, really...

And I wanna help folk that might’ve gotten discouraged from dying too much because maybe they ran in head-first day one and missed some good tips,

But mostly cause of that search thing I’m petty.

I won't tell you how to get there, this guide assumes you've already unlocked your resistance weapon quests and such so let's GOOO–

Yehn and their shiny resistance bow.

Step 1: We're gonna want a lot of fancy stat boost potions

Okay so if you’ve sped through the quest text in excitement to run in and fight with everyone you might’ve noticed that these mobs hit Hard!!

And those critical engagements? Basically 1hit KOs.

That's where these handy potions come in!

All mobs that aren't "4th Legion" mobs drop these Fragments that we can trade in to the appraiser at base camp for what basically turn us into GODS.

Turning those in will get us our very first stat potions, each tailored to what class your playing as! Some boost damage output while others boost HP and Defense. My white mage is a tank now 😈

Another neat thing you can collect from fragments are Lost Actions — basically duty actions that act as spells you can cast to buff yourself, or raise an ally, or cast Death???

You can combine actions as you like, maybe be a dps who can shield and heal themselves 🤔 ?  (this probably sounds snarky but it's a great solo strategy imo lol)

This pic has nothing to do with Bozja I just think Yehn's cute.

Step 2: have fun and don't die!

From here it's all on you babey do what you want!! Gather clusters, gain mettle and rank up! Become broken by opening lockboxes.

Remember this basic survival routine: kill mobs > get fragments to trade in for potions and actions > THEN go for the big hard hitting bosses. Don't feel rushed, these are constantly popping off on the map, so take your time ^^

My personal fave gameplay loop goes something like:

  1. Destroy some mobs — the higher the rank mob, the higher chance to drop fragments we can trade in for more potions or duty actions.
  • The ones right outside the first gate are perfect; they're all passive and easily solo-able.
  • As you move up in rank and area, mobs will drop cooler and more broken potions and duty actions.
  • If you kill "4th Legion" mobs, they have a chance to drop Bozjan Clusters that you can trade in for that sweet /guard emote and other things.

2. Join in on any skirmishes that break out near you — gain mettle to rank up! You can maybe collect memories for your resistance weapon in that other quest, this isn't a resistance weapon guide there are many of those already.

3. Join any Critical Engagement you qualify for — do you love Trial bosses? But with mechanics you have to actually pay attention to??? Every CE is a unique boss on it's own, and they drop lockboxes you open for a chance at that cool flight suit mount.

4. Remember to turn mettle in at rank up lol (editor's note: you can also lose mettle if you die, so make sure you're turning stuff in so you don't waste mettle after that Red Chocobo from hell destroys you with meteors!)

You can get a sweet robo kitty minion.

Okay I think that's all there is to it??

It doesn't get any more complicated than that I think!!

Remember to say tyfp o/

do it for her

A huge thank you to Ghost for writing this guide! You can find their work and all the Yehn screenshots you could ask for on Twitter @pocketghosts so give them a follow there! This piece's art was also done by them so maybe hit them with a commission! They are a Ghost with many talents!